About Us

We are CNR Kitchen!

Where are We?
We are located at the Northbridge Piazza in Northbridge..
Street Address: 44 Lake Street, Northbridge (we are on the corner of Lake St and James St)
Helpful Address: We are the Cafe under the GIANT TV Screen where the Grass is at the Northbridge Piazza. We are on the corner of Lake & James Streets, opposite Dome in Northbridge *•*

What we Sell?
We specialize in Paleo, Rawfood & Vegan food & drinks..
We do Functions & Catering.
We teach Classes to help you create yummy food too.

What we Value…

Here at CNR Kitchen we are INCLUSIVE of absolutely Everyone…
I just want to put that out there first because we Love You All 

What we VALUE and what shapes our menu’s are Health.i.er Choices.

I say health.i.er because our goal is to make better choices every day.
We use Olive Oil to cook with. Some of our ingredients are organic. We make everything from scratch.. our own mayo, aioli, relishes, cheeses, milks, paleo banana bread, paleo savoury bread, raw fig & walnut bread, icecreams.. and, well, you get the idea.. our prep lists are long :)

We love to support YOU in the Lifestyle YOU CHOOSE…

...given with lots of love…
Martine :)

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